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"Becoming A Firefighter Workshop"

Now that the holiday season is officialy in full swing I wanted to take a moment to
wish you and your family a Happy and Safe Holiday Season.  We all have much to be
thankful for at this time of year, the least of which is our family and friends.  It
is with this thought that I say thank you to each of you for your friendship over
the years.  For me it has been both an honor and a privaledge to be able to call you
Brothers, Sisters and Family.  The Fire Service is a special world we all live in
and have come to respect and admire.  As we look at 2012 and beyond we see many old
faces retireing and many new excited faces joining the ranks.  For the retirees we
thank you for your years of dedicated and unselfish service, and for making each of
us a better person.  As for the new faces, welcome to the rest of your life.  We are
excited to have you.


As you make your plans for 2012, I would like to say thank you for agreeing to
participate in the 4th Annual Las Positas College "Becoming A Firefighter Workshop"
to be held on February 26, 2012 at the Mertes Center for the Arts on the beautiful
campus of Las Positas College in Livermore, Ca.  We have a stellar line up of
speakers and this promises to be our BEST event yet.  The facility will hold 450
people so please feel free to invite as many folks as you can.  An event flyer is
attached for you to distribute to as many people as possible.  As of now the
registration is open.  Please direct people to and have them
register for the class located on the homepage, on the left hand side of the page,
under Training and Workshops, titled "2012 Becoming A Firefighter Workshop".  


Again, this year we will be video taping this event and look forward to
memorializing this groundbreaking concept.  I will also be sending out an agenda so
you may plan your day accordingly.


Once again, thank you for your continued support and friendship and I look forward
to seeing you in February.


Bob Atlas