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Stuck In CA for academy after that willing to work any where...

Here is the deal boys and girls,
I am NREMT certified, have a BA in Ethnic Studies and an AA in fire science. I want to get hired on with a department ASAP and figured the best thing to do now would be to go directly into an academy myself. However there is a catch, I want to go ANYWHERE as long as I can get my foot in the door but have not found any academies here in San Diego that are IFSAC or Proboard certified... There is an academy starting in January here that is regionally accredited though the California State Fire Marshal for FF1 – which also follows NFPA 1001. From the limited knowledge I have this will not offer much reciprocity else where. Like I said I want to attend an academy that will give me the best chance of being able to use my certs in otehr states. I can go just about any academy in the state of CA because I have family everywhere in the state, once Im done I dont care where I work or live... ANY INPUT WOULD BE GREAT, Thanks!!!

San Pasquale academy is IFSAC certified 

San Pasqual Reservation Fire Academy is right outside Escondido in Valley Center,Ca It is Ifsac certified and you get your Firefighter 1 and 2. Plus its not an academy for the "weak." It's a paramilitary boot camp style academy. Hope this helps.