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Smoke Your Firefighter Interview

OCTOBER 7, 2012
The oral interview is the most important part of the hiring process. Since it is often weighted as much as 100% of the candidate's final grade, earning a high score on the interview is essential to getting hired. Fire Department oral interviews are different than any other job interview. Most people struggle with the process. We will take the mystery out and provide you with strategies and tactics to be successful in the process. Our past clients have become successfully employed at Fire Departments all over the country. We will assist you in understanding exactly what the raters are looking for in an entry-level candidate. Those who do not seek the guidance of a good coach may struggle for years, eventually giving up on their dreams. The more a candidate understands what the oral board is looking for, the more he or she will be able to present themselves as the best possible choice. Fire Alumni is proud to present the first of many seminars to assist entry-level candidates who are serious about becoming firefighters. Please join Fire Alumni, our Keynote speaker and nationally recognized Fire Service author Paul Lepore for this one day inspiring event.
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