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Interview Seminar in Santa Monica

Its never too early or too late to start working on your interview!!

This is the largest determining factor of the hiring process.

Whether you have an interview coming up or want to get a head start on the process this is a really good opportunity for you to get in front of someone who does this for a living and has sat on dozens of interviews for the city of Santa Monica, CA. for more info

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DomBel, you are absolutely right.  It is never too early.  I recommend applicants start preparing for their interview when they start preparing for the written exam.  As one candidate said, "The test took a lot of work, but the interview took much more."  East and West coast interviews are slightly different, but the basic idea is the same.  There are not many prep books out there.  The primary ones take very different approaches and, as such, are all valuable.  I suggest you check out