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LA City FCA test ( firefighter candidate assessment)

Hello all, 

I just signed up for the FCA test which I will be taking in a few weeks. I recently applied to LA city fire, and they require this test is passed as well as the physical CPAT test. I cant find any info on the FCA test. Anyone taken it, or know what the multimedia part of the test is like, or what to study? Thank you in advance. 

I was just looking for the same thing... I went to  "testprep-online" and they have a packet that is supposed to be geared towards the PSI/FCT. I am personally just trying to review all testing general subjects; Reading comp, math/ word problems, mech apptitude, spatial orientation, memorization, ect... the cool thing about the testprep-online is they have a packet that offers information/insight on the psychological profiling portion... That probablly doesn't help you too much but thats about as much as I've found out. Good luck!

Good advice. I also recommend getting ahold of a few good prep books. Becoming test savvy is the best way to raise a score. I can count on less than one hand the number of applicants who can walk into a firefighter entry-level test without any preparation and score high enough to move to the next step in the hiring process. You might like to check out