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LAFD interview results

I just recieved my interview score yesterday, I scored a 90. I have no idea if that is a good score or not. What band might I be in? Are the backgrounds next?

[color=Red]Usually a score of 90 is a good score. The top scores being 100 and in some cases more if veterans credits are accepted from the candidate. As far as what band you are in, I am under the impression that Los Angeles City Fire doesn?t use the banding system. I believe that they rank the list by your score. You will need to contact the LAFD personnel office to understand your position on the list. As far as the next step, if you are invited to continue on in the testing process because you scored high enough you most likely will be asked to fill out a background investigation packet. However, the City may have different paths for the recruits to follow depending on how many people are being processed. The best people to answer your questions would be LAFD personnel. Good Luck.[/color]
Best regards and Good luck, Craig Freeman