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Wanting a change

Hello. I am new here but figured this would be a start. 10 years ago I wanted to be a Paramedic. I started the courses and due to my (ex) husbands job I had to quit. I have thought about it on and off for years and finally decided I needed a change. Time to do what I want to do. I am in the IT field now and it sucks. (in my humble opinion)
I just would like some advice on how to get moving in the right direction? If I go to school here in OH will any of the classes transfer to IN? Should I just start fresh in IN when I move. I am unsure of a move date at this time but its as soon I find a new job. Any advice or opinions would be great.


[color=Red]Sarah, Make sure the class you sign up for is a National Registry class. Taking the National registry approved class will get you a certification that will allow you to move to different areas. In many cases you will need to demonstrate ability to regional protocols. Check to see if the class offered is a National Registry class and than contact of the departments you would like to work for and ask them if they recognize the National registry issued certificate. [/color]

Best regards and Good luck, Craig Freeman
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Approximately 37 States recognize National Registry. The remaining 13 states maintain their own training and licensing requirements. California, which is where I am, uses National Registry as their state licensing exam. On the other hand, if you are going to pursue a career in the Fire Service and are interested in taking Fire classes, you need to be more careful. For example, I know that California doesn't recognize very many outside Fire Academies, if any. So you might want to be more careful in making sure that those certifications you get in Indiana will transfer to the location you eventually want to work at.