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Acadamy in san Francisco area

Can anyone help with details about a fire acadamy course in the San Francisco area. i have found one in san Mateo, are there any others


There are a few in the bay area besides CSM. Ours at Chabot in Hayward is across the bay from San Mateo and our web site is at - once their you can click on firefighter 1 academy information.

As for others around the bay area, Santa Rosa Junior College does one, Solano College in Fairfield I believe still has one, Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz I also believe still has one, and South Bay Regional Training Consortium does one in Hollister. I know those aren't all in SF or even somewhat close, but that is about it around the bay area - just trying to give you options. If you go to our links page on our Fire Technology web site for the Chabot program at and scroll down to Firefighter 1 academies - I believe all of those colleges I listed above have links you can go visit (as well as other firefighter 1 academies throughout the state.

Hope that helps - if you need more information about Chabot's program after you visit our web site (assuming you visit it), feel free to email me at

Good luck!