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Freaking out!

Okay I know this has been posted a bunch but i will feel better if you address my situation. I am currently taking classes to recieve my firefighter 1 cert. and now that i am reading these posts, my background is starting to matter. When i was 15 i was convicted of a class c misdimeanor which they said i think will come off my record. i paid restitution/did community service. I have also been convicted of a m.i.p. of alcohol. im not sure how serious this is but it is also supposed to be off my record this year because i paid restitution. I have smoked weed once when i was 18. im 19 now. thats everything that has ever happened. is it even worth going for it?

Until they drag you kicking and screaming from the testing process, you can, should - and must persevere. It's not about you - it's about *them* saying yes or no.

Let me be blunt: If the thought of quitting is anywhere, and I mean anywhere in your mind, you are not of the correct mindset to undertake the challenges that lie ahead. Shake it off. Get rid of any mental and emotional baggage - and get ready to kick some ***!

Train, learn, excel - harder than you've ever been able to imagine. But don't you dare quit! You're not simply training for the fire service my friend... you're training for life!


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Easily solved... Your misdemeanor C was committed when you were a minor.. This will not, or should not show up on your adult record. In addition, it can be sealed, and there are restrictions on what the Fire Depts can ask you, and there are things that you can say to answer them without demonstrating that they ever happened. Check with someone who is more knowledgable about juvenile criminal records to get the specifics.

I disagree with ALCOEMT. Nothing is permanently sealed. If you are trying to become a peace officer they will check for dirt under your fingernails.
As for your case I would be honest. As I mentioned in an earlier post there are plenty of firefighters that have some type of indescretion in their past. Each city or county conducts their own background check. If you do not pass for one agency, it does not automatically disqualify you for the next.
I have a very good friend who failed a background check for a city in orange county 6 months ago. Last week he was hired by a department in Riverside County.
They will certainly find out about both of your alcohol related brushes with the law.
Two drinking related items at such a young age could indicate a drinking problem. I hope for your sake these were a case of poor judgement and not the beginning of a serious drinking problem.
Be assured that they will interview ALL of your friends and neighbors. They will also interview your high school teachers.
I too agree with Brian. Don't give up. Everyone makes mistakes. It's not the mistake that is important, it's the recovery. Hopefully you have your drinking under control (remember at your current age of 19 it is still illegal to be drinking). The fire dervice is looking for mature individuals that exercise good judgement. The more time you can put between you and these incidents the better.
I hope this helps.
Paul Lepore