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Time out for posting


Is there any way to:

- Extend the amount of time alloted to create a post or reply?

- When timed-out, allow a click on the return arrow to permit access to the posted comments after again signing on?

I made a detailed reply to a candidate while juggling heavy phones. When I found out I was timed-out, I hit the back-arrow, only to find my carefully crated message go "poof!". :(

Please no e-mail. Public replies only. Thank you!

Since you post detailed & explicit information from your knowledge and experience - which is very valuable and provides readers with positive information...I would suggest first using notepad, wordpad, or even MS Word to draft & compose your well thought out thoughts and maybe cut & paste into the message box.

This is just a thought especially if you are juggling other duties - you can come back to it at anytime.

And you can utilize the spell check function also.

Just an idea.
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Brian, I too have fallen into the "timed out crevasse". I have started doing what TESTING suggested and that is to compose in WORD and cut and paste. I can/will contact my webmaster and see if we can extend the time limit to allow for those signed into the bulletin Board more time to compose and respond to postings. Maybe even to understand why when using your back button why your information was lost. I will up-date this tread after I talk to the webmaster.
Best regards and Good luck, Craig Freeman