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pysical training (i need help)

i need help . i'm 14, a girl , and just had surgery on my knee . i've wanted to be a firefighter for a long time and now i want to be a paramedic /ff. will my surgery have an affect on my training in the future ? if not than how do i start training to become one in the present. :quest: :)

What type of knee surgery was it? Considering your age it should not be a problem given that it was nothing too severe.

I screwed up my knee a few years ago when I completely severed my ACL and tore the miniscus. In July of last year (2002) I finally had it repaired and passed a physical agility test in October. What matters most is how you deal with the injury after it has been repaired.

Listen to you surgeon and physical therapist. Start off slow and gradually build up your routine as you see fit. Know your limits and take everything one step at a are young so you have plenty of time to heal. Since you are so young I would hesitate on any weight training before consulting your surgeon/physician. The surgeon who repaired your knee is your best resource.

Good luck!


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Lumberjack gives you sound advice. I work with many firefighters, both male and female that have had extensive knee operations before getting hired. Take your time and rehab your knee correctly. Follow your dreams!
Paul Lepore

thanks for the help. i've talked to me doctor and he said in about a year i can start weight training. thank you very much for your help. :)