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Seasoned recruit?

Happy New Year to all.
I would like to say I am impressed with the desire to help from the firemen or "career counselor's" on this board. Kudos to you. I hope someone out there can assist me with my question. I looked on the bulletin board and tried to find a similar question but to no avail.
My question concerns the LAFD. I would like to know how OLD is too OLD? I have read many of the posts on this site but have come to the conclusion that the "older" recruit's started the actual recruitment process at a much younger age.
I have recently retired from a sports career(officiating pro hockey)and I am now interested in a fire career I thought about many moons ago. My age is a concern to me.
I am 39 years old and just recently completed my CPR course and I did fill out a notification card!
Yes, I realize I am very green! My next step is to take the EMT course. Is this the correct progression?
Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks again.

Age is just a number...
In the last tower for LACOFD there where a couple of recruits older than 40.
You bring to the table things that a 20 y/o recruit cannot experiance, ongoing financial resposibility, differant outlooks...its not about just buying a BIG truck and a new boat, while still living with your parents. Its many things!
I dont mean any disrespects to the younger population, please forgive me.
You need to get prepared though brother, there are No short cuts. Think about an acadamy, emt to paramedic school, AS degree in fire science, volunteering...the list is endless.
Let me leave you with a quote from a good friend who`s a personnel trainer at Golds gym(when hes trying to sell a workout package)Remember this "consistancy equals results" and " there is nothing stronger that a volunteers heart".
Best of luck.
Stay safe, stay low. :)

WOW, that was very well said. I concur completely. On my departemnt the average age of the recruits in the academy is 29 - 30 years old.
If you do the math, it means we hire several recruits in their late 30's as well as a few in their 40's.
A few classes back we hired a 43 year old.
I agree with the statement that yo need to get prepared. Take your classes as quickly as you can. There is a post on the board that states that Alan Hancock College offers fire tech courses online. Get them done as soon as you can.
Long Beach, LA County and LA City are all testing in the near future.
Don't let being a senior citizen (just kidding) get you down. As was mentioned previously, the "older" guys bring alot more life experience to the job than do the younger candidates. Get as qualified as you can and make the board want to hire you. You will be the sentimental favorite.
Lastly, as an ex-hockey player you will appreciate the medical insurance (especially the dental programs). Just kidding, I couldn't resist.
For the record, we recently hired a 30 year old firefighter that played 10 years in the NHL. If you are interested you can email me and I will put you in touch with him. You both share alot of common ground.
In all seriousness don't let age hold you back. There is a job out there with your name on it. It's up to you to go out and find it. Best of luck! And, oh by the way, it truly is the greatest job in the world!
Paul Lepore

Ok, I feel better after reading these posts. I am 34 and have decided to pursue firefighting. I was concerned about the age factor. Honestly, I can say, that I am in better shape in my 30's than I ever was in my 20's and I do believe that "life experience" is very important! Thanks!

34? You're just a kid. You'll probably need your parents permission just to take the exam! Good luck.
Paul Lepore

Thank you everybody for all the great information. This is very encouraging to hear that I am not the only one that is decising to change careers. I have been a Network Administrator for the past 8 years and I gotten to the point that I'm looking for more out of my career. I'm only 28 years old and my wife and I are looking forward to the change. Thanks again everybody!!!

Matthew Gwaltney <><

This is the discussion that I have been searching for. After reaching my 30th birthday, I was coming to a realization that reaching my dream would not be possible. It is very reassuring that there are others out there like still fighting to get the badge. It has given a new sense of hope and determination. This has been what I've been looking for. To close, I best of luck to those over the age of 30 and still dreaming of riding on that big and shiny engine.
Good luck to all,

When is Long Bch testing again? I was under the impression that Jan. would have been the last time. thanks

I called Long Beach, and they said that they are not going to have any testing dates for the rest of the year, due to financial reasons, they can afford to hire anybody. That's according to the personel department.

Matthew Gwaltney<><

just to be on the safe side, this link allows you to have the City of Long Beach email you once the position is available: