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female firefighters i need help with training

i need help on how to start training . i'm only 14 and i need to know how i should start . i've heard that you need to start running stairs and then a books to help with building muscles. buti just want to start off slow than get to the hard stuff. please help me :) :p ;p

go to this group: and sign up - it's all female firefighters. i'm sure they will be willing to help.

keep in mind that you're still growing, so while it's good to take advice from adults, make sure you speak with your doctor before starting any training program, especially if it's rigorous.

good luck!

I'm not sure where you live but many of the larger southern California fire departments have female firefighters. LA City, LA County, Long Beach, San Diego and Newport Beach all have female firefighters. I am certain that if you call the department and ask to speak to one of them they would be willing to help out.
There are numerous opportunities for female firefighters. I am certain that you could find a mentor. Good luck.
Paul Lepore

here is a link for women from the FDNY. It may be of some help.

Any other question about firefighter training you can contact me at