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Part Time Fire Academy and PT Paramedic School

Does anyone know of any part time fire academy and paramedic schools?

I am seeing that most are full time and at this point it might be hard to be out of work for that long, considering I am getting married in Nov (which I am paying for). Does anyone have any advise?

Thanks for all your great info and feedback in prior responses.

I am attending a part time academy right now which is on weekends only from 8-5p.m.. Glendale Arroyo Seco Academy through Glendale community college. You can check out the website to see if it might be the right one for you. Good luck!

Websit address is:

Good evening, I feel for your delema regarding having to make a living while attending a paramedic program or fire academy. I know it well, Iv'e done both, it can be done. I attended a part time paramedic program while I worked 2 jobs and raised my kids and kept my marrige alive. You might want to check out Kern Co. paramedic program, located in Backersfield Ca. When I attended it was 2 days a week
in an 8 month class room format. I also have heard of a part time Fire Academy though Allan Handcock college which is located off campus in Santa Barabara. I attended Oxnard College fire Academy so I may be wrong about the above. Good luck, you can do this,
Thank you for your time.
Gabriel Aubert

Greg, Riverside Community College and Crafton Hills College run part time paramedic programs. I am just finishing up the part time medic program at Riverside. You go T,W,Th which leaves the rest of the week to usually work. It's a year long program, but beleive me the time flies. Best of Luck!