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How Do You Know?

When you are approached by someone who is interested in becoming a Firefighter, what do you look for in their response that says they are serious about wanting this career. I know with the Sept. 11the events, that has prompted many to come forward, but how do you know its not just emotional? Wasn't sure if my first question went through as a question.

It has been just about one year and six months since the events of Sept 11, 2001. Talk is cheap on wanting to be a firefighter and lots of people are and have been talking. Instead of focusing on what they say, zero in on what they have done since then. ie: EMT class, Fire Science classes, volunteer experience etc. etc.
As my program friends say, "Watch their feet and not their mouths." Best wishes

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I put a post on the board a few weeks ago about the common interview question, "Why do you want to be a firefighter".
Everyone has their own personal reasons but there are a few common threads.
I can assure you that the hiring process is so arduous that if you are not completely focused you will probably never get a job. If you do happen into a job, the probationary process will catch up with you.
Check the archives. If you can't find it I will send you the link.
Paul Lepore