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Physical Exam


In regards to the physical exam/health background check, can anyone tell me how in depth that is? Let me be more specific. I hurt my back when I was 20. It was diagnosed as a partially herniated disc. I did physical therapy for a month and it was fine. It is still fine to this day. Due mostly I believe to the fact I stretch and work it out almost daily. So, I think my back is in good shape. Will having back trouble on my health history affect my getting accepted to a department?

I am now 29 and thinking of taking the leap into a fire science program. I don't want to take this leap if there is no point because I had a bad back 10 years ago. As always, any advice, opinions or information would be appreciated.

Thanks much,

Matt Knutson

I hear you. I also have an old diagnosis that I have fully recovered from. After talking to some people who have gone thru the same thing and gotten past the medical and some that havent. I'll tell you this. If you think it will be a problem let a specialist clear you of your back problem and get it in writing! I wish I had done it sooner and saved myself alot of trouble.