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Question on Criminal Background

I've got a question for everyone out there. I have a friend who is trying to be a fire-medic. He has a little problem that I don't have an answer for. I'll start by giving you a little background info on this indivdual.
-He has been a Volunteer for sometime now
-He has a BS degree in Business
-He is also working as an EMT-B
-He has his AS degree in Fire Tech.
-He is currently getting ready to go to a Fire Academy
-He also is a World Champion BMX Bike Rider

My question to you out there, he had an incident about two years ago. He was involved in a bar fight and was CHARGED with Felony Assualt on an officer. After going to court, he got the felony dropped, but he plead NO CONTEST to Resisting Arrest. He now has a misdamenor. He served 18 months probation and has never had any other brushes with the law. My question to you is, Do you think he'll have any problem's still attaining a Paramedic/Firefighter job? He has a reasonable explanation and is a great guy. It seems to me that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Any information would be helpful. Thank you and God Bless!

If this happened two years ago, (resisting arrest) it will be a problem. However, as time goes on and he keeps out of trouble, the charge of resisting arrest will loose it's power. Your friend should keep working on keeping his nose clean and getting experience as a EMT. While the resisting charge can be explained and can hold him back from a fire job, there are some departments who will not see it as an problem as time goes by. We all do dumb things and the first thing that goes with alcohol is judgement.
Before attending EMT school (and attending Medic school later), he needs to check with the local EMS agency and see if that arrest/plea will prevent him from being certified. Best wishes.

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Thanks for your reply! Any info that you can give me is helpful. I'll let him know the news, so far. As to your reply, he is working as an EMT-B. He also told me that he wasn't under the influence as well. I'll find out from him whether or not he can be hired on as a Paramedic. Do you think he will have a problem with the larger department's in Southern California, like L.A. County or L.A. City? I think he wants to work for department's here in Riverside County.
It would really be helpful if any Captain's or Chief's would have some insight on this as well. Thanks again for all of your replys' :)