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Knee Injury

Hi, I was being the good fire cadet and getting my education out of the way before testing for fire. Problem, I hurt my knee on the job and have a workers comp case open. The Dr. says I permanently hurt my knee (tendinitis) though I can still use it. I'm confident that I will be able to physically pass all the tests and academies, but would a fire agency see this injured knee as a liability and not hire me. I feel that if I can physically do the tests pain free they shouldn't hold me back.

My problem..I am 26 and I have finished my MA degree now I'm looking at going through a basic fire academy. I don't want to spend $1,500 plus and the time on a fire academy if there is no way a fire agency would hire me with my knee. It still works. I play hockey and other sports. I know there are firemen out there with 2 or more missing fingers riding on a rig.

Should I try lying about it on the application?
Any miracle solutions to cure tendinitis?
Thanks for any advise.

Tendonitis ....Latin....Tendo (The tendon itself) and Greek....itis, meaning inflamation. The tendon is fibrous connective tissue serving for attachment of the muscles to bone and other parts. SYN. Sinew.

There could be departments that will not touch you and sent you out the door at the mention of injury in regards to knees. But there are not that many!
Go back to the doctor who diagnosed you with tendonitis. Ask that doctor to write you a letter stating that the tendonitis is not a disqualifing factor for the job of firefighter (If that is what the doctor believes)and that you will have no limitations performing the duties of firefighter.
If that doctor is not willing to do that, find yourself a specialist, get an evaluation and take it from there.If the question of your knee comes up during you firefighter physical, show the doctor conducting the physical exam your letter. Don't mention it unless it comes up. If the physical questionaire asks you about any knee injuries, state the facts but no more. For instance..."Left knee, 1999...Football injury. No surgery. Full recovery." The doc may ask you a few additional questions, spend just a few more seconds manipulating your knee and that would be it. "Do you have any problems with your knee?" No Doc, the knee is just fine.
When it comes to fire department physicals and prior injuries, the bottom line is "Will the prior injury prevent the individual from performing the full duties of that of a firefighter?
Best wishes

1st off... DONT LIE... 2nd off.. Dont stress it that much. Trust me, from experiance, as long as you can complete the physical exam, show no signs of pain, then you'll be fine. Ive had 2 operations on my R knee, and have had 1 done on my L knee... I still got hired on with no problems... Just dont lie about it.... You'll never get hired on if they find out... Good luck !!!
~ Dustin ~

As a licensed physical therapist (outpatient and
work comp) I would not consider tendonitis a
"permanent" injury. The inflammation of the tendon
will resolve and the tendon will be 100%. I also just
recieved my "certified for hire" letter from LAFD and
broke my right ankle in three places with 6 screws
and a steel plate for fixation in 1987 (all since
removed). It did not prevent my hiring but they did
ask more questions. Good luck and best wishes

My wife is also a physical therapist. Her feeling is that if it is Tendonitis it is a probably a temporary condition.
Is there a tear in a cartiage that he is nottelling you about (Miniscus? If so that may be a different story.
Bottom line If you get a letter from a doctor that states there is no reason you won't pass your medical exam.

Paul Lepore


I want to thank everyone who responded to my topic thread.