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Help with Forced Expiratory Volume

Has anyone else had this problem? This is holding me back from going to the fire academy. I took the physical and had to breathe into a tube that measures your expiratory volume. I only blew like 60%. Does anybody have any remedies/tricks to get past this. Any info would be appreciated
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what fire academy are you trying to go to cause i have never heard of that before?? i went to oxnard college fire academy and we had nothing like that to do before they accepted us??
Take care, Chris Acosta

Its a standard test. I know departments that have required it as part of their medical testing, before you can go on an SCBA. Apparently, some companies also require it of employees who need to go on a respirator.

It is a little funky - the key to remember is that it doesn't matter how much you bl*w over time. Its just the first instant of puff that gives your max. I had to repeate it 3-4 times before I got a passing score. It had nothing to do with my lung capacity - I was just holding a little back up front without even realizing it. Once it gave it all, my graph was perfect.