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gym vs. home

Hi, this question is for everyone...I went to a gym today to see the prices for membership, which turned out to be around $300(1 paycheck for me!!) for the cheapest deal....
My question is can I get the same benefits from a gym than I can at home? By at home I mean push ups, pull ups,running stairs,free machines basically...Any input or suggestions would be great...stay safe

I was in the same boat a few months back.

I joined a gym but now I don't go because I like working out at home better. Why? Time. I don't have to pack bags with work clothes and commute to the gym, which means I can sleep longer and have a nice breakfast after my workout.

If I were you, I would ask the gym for a free trial. Most will give you a few days free. Try it out, see how going to the gym fits into your day. If it fits well with your schedule...a gym can be a great resource. Not only do you get the equipment, you can get advice from the trainers.

The way I look at it: Your muscles don't know the difference between a $1000 machine or a $20 set of dumbells. So I chose to save the money and time. I spent a couple hundred on a weight bench and I bought Michal Stefano's FireFighter workout book. He has a great book that explains simple effective workouts for home or the gym with basic equipment...dumbells, bench, etc.. He also offers a custom workout plan...just for you. Go to to check it out.

I am not associated with them at all, I am just a happy customer.

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Try your local YMCA. Mine has a pretty good weight room and only costs $18 a month, $12 if you're a student.

You might look into the local community colleges, many have weight training classes generally with very open hours for use and reasonably priced.

There are many things you can do without a gym, cardio is probably the most important and can be improved by running, swimming or biking. Sit ups, push ups, pull ups, running stairs, hiking stairs with weights etc also build up useful muscle groups. I know many who really emphasize the weights working up to 200-300lbs + range along with the bulging muscles but realistically there is no piece of equipment you will need to use alone that weighs more than 100lbs. A weight set with 100-150lbs of free weights can be found for less than $200, much less at a flea market or in newspaper classified ads. If you can't find anything you don't already own that weighs 50-100 lbs buy a bag of cement, its cheap and comes in 50 or 100 lb bags, just make sure you reinforce it so the bag doesn't come apart, perhaps some garbage bags and a burlap sack. Depending on your situation you can probably figure out some other methods, I've known people who figured out hoisting methods (a tool box or 5 gallon bucket with weight) and ventilation (8-10 lb sledge and an old tire). Get creative, of course access to a million dollar gym is great but there are alternatives. Good luck.

You might want to look into parks also. My buddy works out at a park next door to him for a dollar a day. It's a full gym, not the greatest looking equipment but hey it gets the job done. I myself was a member at the Y but didnt like it to many kids to many people period. I bought myself a bench press set curling bench with bar, and the most expensive one the cross bow lol. a stationary bike and a set of dumbells. just over a $1000 bucks sounds like alot but i enjoy working out by myself.

you can build an awesome home gym for ~600 bucks, less or more depending on how fancy you want to get

I bought 300lbs of weight off line for like 220
a power rack for 260
a bench for 60