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Uphill Battle

I'll be starting EMT training in april 2004. I have 1 misdemeanor battery on my criminal record (2 years ago) and I have a "general discharge under honerable conditions" from the army (5 years ago). I know I am in for a long and rough road on my way to becoming a firefighter, but does anybody here have advice for a person aspiring to be a firefighter that refuses to be denied... like my self :) ?

I have the option of starting the EMT class next week, but I figured a little more time between me and my offenses would be good.

I would suggest that you enroll in your EMT class as soon as
possible. You want to show that you are on the "right track"
as soon as possible. There should be nothing on your record
at this point to preclude you from getting your EMT

You're correct in your own self assessment that you have a
hard road ahead of you. I would also suggest getting
involved in your local community activities. You might want to
volunteer at your local fire department and start taking
classes to enhance your "marketability". It's going to be
tough, but nothing good ever comes easy. Good luck!

Curt Cozad
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Career Begins!"?

THe subject of background check surfaces every few weeks. Check out the post on this forum entitled "Kicked out of the Marine Corps". I think it will answer alot of questions for. Whichever your choice, I wish you good luck.
Paul Lepore, Captain
Author of "Smoke Your Firefighter Interview"

Yeah, I saw that guys post. It gave me a little inspirational boost. I wanted to start my EMT class next week, but I just found out the schedule is on the only days that I train in shootfighting with this professional fighter that I know. He will be moving back to florida in 4 months, so I want to train as much as possible with him. It's kinda like a once in a lifetime opportunity being able to train with him like I do. My goals are to be a firefighter/emt and to run my own karate school. I am already an instructor in traditional Tang Soo Do.

I'll take you advice and start some more community activities.

Oh yeah, I forgot some things. I am currently working on an associates degree in business management, I teach karate to everyone from children to adult age, I have completed 24 personal developement courses that were offered by my current employer, I have a great work history (except for the military thing), I always get good reviews and I have great personal reference letters from at least 5 different people as of right now. My wife and I completed marriage counselling to correct the battery offense.

That's long story as well. To make it short, she had an affair while I was in army. I didn't know this yet, but we seemed to be drifting apart. So I left the military. A few years later I found out why things were not great between us then. Of course I lost my temper and after a lengthy argument I tried to leave the apartment. She blocked the door, so I grabbed he by the shirt and threw her onto the couch. That left a red mark on the left side of her neck... and just like that I was charged with battery.

Oh well, I'm not a violent person and I believe my actions since that night proves that.