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My wife

I know my wife may never read this, but maybe someone else's wife will and realize how much we love you, and appreciate everything you have done for us to achieve our dreams. My wife is always there with support, encouragement, and being a hard ass to make me study and work harder than I ever thought possible. With out her, I know I would have given up a long time ago. Thank you for believeing in me, thank you for wanting this for me as much as I want it, and thank you for all that you are giving up for us.I love you.

Amen to that! My wife is the source of much of my motivation and all of my encouragement. And big props to firecareers for starting this new section of the board. I know that many people were hoping for it.
"I know I'll do the right thing, if the right thing is revealed"


You took the words right out of my mouth. I shared your post with my wife...thanks.