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Does anyone where I can go to find out who is administering the CPAT?

There have been some interesting message threads here in recent months regarding the CPAT. While awaiting an an authoritative reply give the SEARCH function a quick try - and let us know how you do!

Please no e-mail. Public replies only. Thank you!

Try Chaffee College....I think in Rancho Cucamunga

You can contact Kevin White at California Professional
Firefighters. He is the CPAT coordinator. His number is (916)
648-1717. You can also go to Oxnard College to participate
in the CPAT. Here is the link: http:// or you
can go to Chaffey
College. Here is the link:
Good luck.

Curt Cozad
800?755?5891 x12
"Where Your Fire Service
Career Begins!"?
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Thanks everyone for your help. The best part of this website is having a network of knowledgeable people to go to when you have questions. Thanks again!