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I am from a small town in Wisconsin...i have my AAS in fire science and i am a paid on call firefighter...i want to try my luck in so cal, az...i am in a paramedic class in az(starting sept.)...just wondering if there was anything that i need to know...i plan on moving to the phoenix area sometime in march..any input would be great.

I went to Medic school in So Cal and don't know too much about AZ or their EMS system. I have heard that they have some outstanding programs there and crank out some great Medics. As for what you need to know... In my opinion, Medic school is challenging no matter how you look at it but the key is to free yourself from any EXTRA burdens while going through. What I mean specifically is, make sure that you are a quick, efficient and competent EMT and be totally squared away on your BLS skills/ knowledge before beginning school. You don't need the stress of not knowing your prerequisite knowledge and having to taking time away from your ALS studies to buck up on it. It is surprising how many EMT's go to medic school without having ever used a traction splint or a triangular bandage. For that matter, most EMT's never even crack their books after getting their certs. OOPS! I'm not sure what kind of calls you have been privie to, but I would say to make sure your EMT book and skills knowledge are second nature. Remember, a house is only as good as it's foundation....
Mountains are moved one rock at a time!

Thanks for the info...I want to start in AZ because it is cheaper and easier to get into medic school..but i want to end up in so cal...i was born there and would love to go back..i took chula vist test last year and did will my chance improve with as a medic???