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russ wecks prep courses

Has anyone heard on when Russ Weck will put together some of his programs he has had in the past,i have heard they are very good,any input on this,thanks Dan-0
Kindest Regards Dan

A quick use of the phrase "weck" in this forums search function yielded this earlier thread:


Click on the link above for more info.

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Ill tell you this. I dont know if Mr Weck will be putting together a class soon or not, but every class you take from that man will be worth EVERY dollar you spend!!!!


Just a few minutes ago, I personally posted a reply to your "prep courses written/interview" inquiry. Please open that message to view my response.


Russ Weck


I looked for you at Jim Otts funeral...didnt see you. Although I took several of your courses, I never knew you and Jim were partners. You both taught me so much in so many different ways. Ive not been hired but have done well in testing. Feels good to go to a "chiefs"...but when u dont get the badge who gives a f***. Well you know what I mean...excuse my french. Hope all is well with you Russ...

David Lamb