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Eye Exam for Firefighters

I've heard that the eye examination includes a color blindness test. If someone is diagnosed with some form of color blindness, is he/she unable to become a
firefighter? What eye tests are conducted, and what are the minimum pass requirements? Are the eye tests different from a normal eye exam at an optometrist?

Best Regards, Cappy

There are no standards that apply to - or are currently accepted - by all Fire Departments. It's usually a good idea to become familiar with the hiring requirements (including medical criteria) for any agency with which you are seriously condsidering a career.

Best yet, if you are now or soon will be actively competing for a Fire Service career, be certain to get a comprehensive physical examination. This first visit should be with your family physician for a basic check up. You should not even begin the process of testing until you are assured of reasonable health by a medical doctor. This would include some basic eyesight and hearing tests.

It is likely that he or she may wish to refer you to a clinic or practitioner that specializes in detailed "sports medicine" type examinations that can also test your overall strength, endurance, and flexibility - as well as offer more thorough cardio-repiratory or lab tests. If you can swing it, these are nice. A basic exam though is an essential starting point. If you have concerns about color blindness, ask your doctor to administer a basic series of tests or offer a referral to a well respected optometrist.

Best wishes!


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