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entry exam books

I got the book you recommened in the mail today Captain Bob and it is the same as all the others. What I am looking for is a book that explains in detail how to figure the solutions out for mechanical appitude not just the answers in the back of the book like all the other books I have purchased. The exam book is from Alabama does that matter if I am taking all my exams in California?
Thank you, Kevin P. Melanson

The book you have was originally put out by Davis Publishing in Santa Cruz California. It has the math formulas you're looking for.

For mechanical aptitude, the ARCO Mech. Aptitude & Spatial Relations book will give you more than you will ever need. Perfect firefighter has it here

Try this approach. Instead of taking the sample tests in the written test books cold, go to the answers in the back and go through the first time with the answers. Then you'll know what they are looking for in the answers. It will cut your learning time. There are only so many ways they can ask a question on the same topic. You will get to the point where you can look at a question and go right to the answer. It will become scary.

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Thanks for the idea of going over the answers first. Just like you said I am looking at the questions and already know the answers. Bring on the next entry exam!!!