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West Coast vs. East Coast

I have been chasing the dream of being a firefighter(full time) for nearly three years now. I have done many things to prepare, from a full time fire academy, to being paid-call firefighter, to working as an emt full time for a dept. in san diego county. I could go on, but i am not trying to sell myself. Now i am going to get to the point of this post.i just recently married an woman from philadelphia and i am considering moving back east. From what i have found, her home town has one of the largest volunteer departments on the east coast. Does anyone know about the fire careers back east? Would all/any of my certs (CFSFM) transfer? As far as medic school, is it as much of a necessity as it is out here in Cali? How different are the operations and safety back there? Is there anyone i can talk directly to about firefighter and/or Medic careers? My life goal is to support my family and help people anyway i can even if all i can do is volunteer on the weekends. I thank you for your help.

Just moved back from the east coast. I worked in PA as a medic for awhile east of Philly so I'm not too sure what Philly is up to with their department.

Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Anna Arundle County, Montgomery County, Howard County and Prince Georges County Maryland where all looking at some point for fire fighters. As always it helps if you have your medics done. Maryland has an extensive fire system: check their webs site, or for EMS.

DC was also looking to hire or was hiring last I was there.

Don't know too much about New Jersey.

As with most old east coast FD's you see a lot of fire. They don't tend to pay as much as west coast departments but it's still a great place to work. I am not going to miss those winters much. Best of luck, let me know if you need any more info.