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prep courses for written/oral prep

Does anyone know if Los Angeles County Fire and Los Angeles City Fire offer written-testing preperation courses thru them or privatley,i know there was a gentleman Russ Weck,that use to offer such programs,does anyone know about such progarms,thanks Dan-o

...and if Russ is still offering those whatever you can to take one....DO the homework, and keep using it as a study guide and you will never EVER have a problem with a writtem exam again!!!


Not often do I respond to posts on this bulletin board, 3 prior to this one since September of 2001, but today, on Memorial Day" weekend I thought it was appropriate to send you a personal invite to help you prepare for testing for these two "outstanding" Departments. Information regarding our Three (3) Phase Written/Interview Preparation Programs for 2004/2005 regarding the Los Angeles County and City Fire Departments will be mailed to you after you respond to this e-mail by calling 818-767-2626 and following the directions on our recorded message. For the past 30 years we have specialized in helping LAFD firefighters obtain the position each individual sought, and since 1989 have expanded our base into helping LAC firefighters as well. POSCORP is a "Fire Service Career Development Company" that specializes in helping individuals achieve their "goals and objectives" regarding employment and promotion in the fire service. We just happen to have an "unparalled track record" in helping individuals for these two Departments.


Russ Weck

Just as a not about Mr wecks program. I have to say it was very helpfull for the LA County test in 1997. It was also helpful in the rest of my testing career. 3 full time departments later I have the County Bear on my chest. It is worth the money and the time.

Take the class.