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Special Forces Training

Long time lurker, first time poster. :8p:

My buddy is a Combat Controller(CC)(Special Forces) in the USAF. I had the distinct pleasure of working out with him and the recruits at the CC indoctrination for a month while I was TDY. The workouts these guys do are pure torture. :eg:

If you follow the 8 week program linked, you will "Smoke the CPAT", not to steal a phrase or anything. This program is designed to "fit", just about any fitness level. I.e. in the first week, if you know you can bench 200 pounds use 76% of that for your work out. Don't go heavier because you can, trust me it will work. Or you can simply adjust your max. If you have no idea what your "max" is. Use the formula given in the introduction.

This is a general work out that can be modified. I.e. Swimming, if you don't like to swim... then cut that portion out and do more calisthenics. Although, swimming is the most underrated exercise out there, and pays huge dividends... my .02 cents! I completed two half-man triathlons using this program, and have since moved on to more advanced workouts(read below), so I know it JUST WORKS(tm)!

[url=]THE WORKOUT[/url]

If this work out doesn't suit your taste there are several more at, just scroll to the bottom. I'm currently using the advanced kettle-bell workout, you can do it anywhere. However, it's an expensive initial investment $200. read

I'm currently in the USAF, as a combat weather forecaster. I'm getting out of the military in August, and testing for a fire dept. in January.
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Anyone given "The Workout" a whirl? A lot of people have looked at it, but no replies?

I am very interested in the training workout. Could you help me out with some of the lingo. Here are the terms that i don't know...
-Plyo pushups
-4 way neck
-shoulder tubing
-hang clean
-box jumps(i understand this concept, would you use weight?)
-tubing circuit
-and what seems most important a Ruck?
also could you explain some of the swimming times...
4 X 25 Underwaters@2:00?

thanks for the workout and the help.
have a good one.

Paul Ahrens