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What is academy liike???

What is physical training like at a department academy? I know each department is unique, but I'd like to hear what one should be prepared to encounter. What kind of cario/lifting/ stairs/endurance/etc.??

Many of the department academies have limited amount of time spent for PT. In general the thought it that you are not there to get in better shape instead you should show up in good shape ready to be measured.

At the same time most are very physical and you will find many recruits will lose 15-20 pounds - 1-2 belt loops on their pants.

To prep for the academy I would find some real stairs if you can and some weight (length of hose of old 2 1/2" double jacket with brass couplings) would be great at this point. Hit the gym for upper body work and this should help allot.

Once in the academy drink allot of water (hydrate), eat small breakfasts and lunches. Then supplement during breaks, with small energy snacks, something not too heavy that will convert quickly

Hope this helps

Thanks Snakepit - that helps!