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Has anyone ordered a vest from, and if so are you happy with the product i.e. comfortable fitting, quality made, etc... I am in the process of returning a vest from a different company due to the qualitynot being so great. I've had 2 vests from them with the same thing go wrong on each vest (not from normal wear and tear) Thanks for any info! Best wishes to all. [url=][/url]

I bought a 50lb vest from them a few months ago and have been very happy with it. I called them first and had them answer a few questions before I made my decision. I only weighed 135lbs then and am just over 5?6 so I wanted to make sure that the vest would fit ok. The vest is a little wide on me but it is still very manageable. The only regret I have is that I think I should have gotten one that can carry a bit more weight. I took my first CPAT on Sunday and passed and I really do think that the vest helped a lot. So if you have the money I do think it?s worth it.

Good luck!

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Lead shot? That's a different vest. These vests have solid lead bars that are 2.5lbs.

Whoops! you are correct 10-97. My friend does have a different brand of vest. She mentioned that she looked at but got one somewhere else. Sorry. Previous post deleted.