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Hey guys, I just got hired on as an EMT with AMR, but I have one more obstacle: the PAT. I am on my journey to become a firefighter. This is so exciting.

My question is: How do I prepare for the physical abilities test with AMR? Is it that hard? I am in good shape with my cardio and lifting weights. They are kind of vague in what I have to do in order to pass.


Sorry i can't help you out with your question...but i think you'll get more looks and answers if you post your question in the Open Forum. Best Wishes.

I'm not sure if all AMR county PAT tests are the same, but the one for SC Co. was a very basic test at the company Dr. office. It mainly consisted of picking up weights in a plastic milk carrier [ the square plastic deals that carries 4 1 gal. of milk ] and other basic movements. They really watch your movements to make sure you are lifting properly. In a nutshell, they are trying to simulate you picking up equipment AND patients. Best advice to give you [ if this is the type of test you are going to have ], is to really think about the movements you are about to do before you actually do them [ consider lifting with your back, not your knees, don't over-reach when lifting, looking up when you lift, etc ]. Hope this helps !

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"consider lifting with your back, not your knees"

Ouch.. never lift with your back. Keep your feet planted and your back straight, look up and lift. don't twist while lifting either.
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