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O.K. folks, heres the latest and greatest regarding our FREE seminar coming up Saturday, June 12, 2004 at Chabot College in Hayward Ca [ Between San Jose and Oakland ].
While having members of the San Jose, Tiburon, Albany, Stockton, Santa Clara County, Newark, Livermore / Pleasanton, Tracy, and San Francisco Fire Departments in attendance, we are also having one guy show up from Long Beach Fire Department as well......Captain Paul Lepore !
Yes, it is set in stone. Captain Lepore, " The New School Guru of the Fire Testing World " will be one of our guest speakers that day. Captain Lepore will be on hand speaking candidly and answering questions about the
" Interview " as well as a few other areas of the testing process. He will also be sitting in on some of the interview panels that day, critiquing your all around performance [ interview, resume, and attire ] along side the other firefighters on the panels.
Talk into a tape recorder or video camera all you want, heck...even bring it with you on June 12, thats fine with us, but theres not going to be many members of the fire service out there who'll say you shouldn't take the opportunity to practice mock orals if they are available to ya.
This is YOUR chance to get interviewed / critiqued by members of fire departments and be able to walk away hopefully with a bit more knowledge in the fire testing arena or at the bare minimum - a few more interviews under your belt to help with that comfort factor for the time when its the REAL DEAL !
To ALL the Southern California and Out of State candidates, WE INVITE ALL OF YOU TO ATTEND AS WELL. We are centrally located in the heart of the S.F. Bay Area and have San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose Airports all no further than 1 hour away from Chabot College here in Hayward.
To register, please call 1-800-483-3615. To reserve a spot for you, there is a REFUNDABLE $50.00 deposit
[ we are doing this because we feel if you are willing to put a refundable deposit down, then the chances of you flaking are very slim, which in turn, allows us to get a better idea of how many firefighters we will need for the interview panels in order to run all of you through MULTIPLE interviews ]. The money will be GLADLY RETURNED to you at the door, June 12th. There is a 3 day in advance cancellation policy [ cancel up to 3 days before, you will GLADLY get your $50.00 returned. Less than 3 days before the seminar, the monies will be kept and go towards the costs to put on this seminar [ food, hand-outs, etc ] if you don't attend.

Thats all for right now, stand by for more updates in the weeks to come !

The guys at AHE

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