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Anybody take courses at City College of SF?

Hey guys, I'm going to be attending San Francisco State University in the fall as a freshman and I just found out that their neighboring college City College of San Francisco offers EMT and Fire Science Certification courses. I plan to attend both colleges at the same time (one for GE for college/one for preferrably EMT training)Now I was looking through the recent threads about bay area academies/certifications..and there was no recognition about this college offering classes. I was just wondering if anyone took courses from this college?
If so, how was it?
Thanks for the help.

I took a Fire instructor 1A from San Francisco City College. The class was taught at the Phelan campus. Good clas, great instructo, I not from the city so it was a little hard to find

don't know about fire science, but i did my emt there and thought it was a great class.

keep in mind, though, that those classes are always overflowing. if you haven't already registered with ccsf, do so now. be prepared to show up to the first few days of class and try to get in - they fill up very quickly and students who were at ccsf the previous semester get a better registration date.

good luck! let me know if you have any other questions about the ccsf program.