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Reality checking

Can age cause one to be less qualified? Sensing the potential issue, investigating this topic seems apropos before the arduous process of training begins. While descrimination is not supposed to takes on new forms in other code words and phrases such as, "other candidates more qualified." I've owned a couple businesses and have seen many games played by many.
Thank you in advance for your insight.

One of the guys here (WA) who walked me through my CPAT told me they just hired a guy who was 54. Each dept is different and looking into how they have and who they have hired in the recent past is always a good idea. My friend Doug got hired by Montgomery County FD, MD. at the tender age of 49 and he's doing fine.

Best of luck

Extremely helpful...more investigation need, thank you!

Don?t let anything stop you. That doesn?t mean that you shouldn?t be realistic but slow deliberate well thought out planning can and will take you where ever you want to go. I?m a bit older now and when I feel dragged down on things I think of a few stories.

One of my favorites is this guy I saw on ?Trauma Life in the ER?. I don?t normally watch these shows but for some reason I caught this one. The resident in the ED for that show was in his fifties. He explained that he started as a local police officer and liked it. He liked law enforcement so much he worked hard at it and eventually got hired by the FBI; he did well at that and somewhere in his 40?s decided he wanted to go to medical school. He thought that if he didn?t give it a try he would end up kicking himself some where down the road and so he just did it.

Another gentleman I actually met. I had him as a patient and the transport turned into a marathon event and I got to spend a lot of time talking with him. It was a bit stressful at first. He had been the local ED doc there for years and was everyone?s favorite doc but after sometime that wore off and I realized what a tremendous person he was. Turns out he had done well in high school as a foot ball player. He went to college and got into the NFL. He played for several years and even got to the super bowl with his team. After sometime he realized that he was a bit smaller them most of the guys and that his long term prospects where pretty slim. He had enjoyed science class?s and while on a trip home spoke with an old family friend who happened to be the local doc. This friend encouraged him to pursue medicine and so somewhere in his mid 30?s he was in medical school. He later went on to do a lot of really great things and was a huge proponent of paramedics in his region.

Best of luck, enjoy the ride

Thank you!