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olympic style lifting

Does anyone know much about olympic style lifting? I'm pretty small but can lift quite a lot, and I started encorporating olympic style lifting into my workouts so that I could work on my endurance, stamina, and my whole range of motion. I don't know the names of the exercises, but i do floor--chest (cleans?), chest--overhead (?), and floor--overhead (?) using a barbell with weights between 25-35 lbs (excluding the bar wt). Can anyone think of other exercises (olympic style or otherwise) that may help? Thanks.

Floor to chest is a clean, chest to overhead is a j*rk, i think, and floor to overhead is a clean and j*rk.

floor to chest = clean
push press (overhead after clean= j3rk

whole movement is the clean and j3rk, just the j3rk is called a push press

the floor to one big explosive movement overhead with a wide grip is called the sn*tch

in all probability your not doing these exercises correctly, search ball state accademics biomechanic lab homepage in google and you can get alot of info there