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Please help me with my training..

Hey guys,

I"m actually quite small for a person trying to enter the firefighting career. I"m 5'9 at a consistent 145lbs. I've been working out pretty regularly now that it's summer and I just need you to help me on what I should be traning on. I could bench press 210lbs and squat 380 lbs my max and lately i've been running 4 miles atleast 2 times a week to build endurance..lung capacity and etc. It's actually quite takes me about 40 about a 10 minute pace on each mile.

I've read on the other threads that I should work on my 2 mile you think I should cut down the 4 miles to 2? Or should i go on with what i'm doing? I'm going start doing the 20,30, and 40 yard sprints soon..and i'm going to move to SFSU in about a month so hopefully they have a stadium of stairs that I could practice on.

The other issue i'm concerned about is that I know i'm pretty small for a person who is trying to enter the firefighting career. People have been telling me that I should take protein supplements if I want to gain some more strength. But i've done without it for 2 years and I have gained a lot of strength without any supplements. What do you guys think? I'm willing to start using supplements but I just wanted your opinion on it first.

Thanks guys.

Sounds like your doing great! I wouldn't change much of anything. You might want to do some stair master work to build up your legs but it sounds like you already have that covered.

Don't worry about your size, it will be an advantage down the line. Just keep pushing on the way you are and you'll do great!

Best of luck

It's great that you are asking these questions to help yourself be prepared physically. Just an opinion, but i think if you posted this question in the "Open Forum" part of this website, you'll get a lot more looks and a lot more opinions/advise. Again, just my opinion. Best wishes.

Thanks guys for the replies..I'm moving this now to the open forum.