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Medical ?

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While the staff at FireCareers will no doubt tender an opinion shortly, please let me offer my US $0.02

I suggest you start *today* to gather all, and I mean *all* of the medical information related to this event. Every scr*p of paper, test result, nurse, doctor and technician you encountered. Dates, times, witnesses, circumstances, etc.

Armed with this detailed information, consult with both your personal physician and the finest authorities on neurology or related disorders that you can reach or afford. You need to have those who know you, and those who have indisputable independent expertise give you a modern day clean bill of health, as well provide a comprehensive review of your earlier malady, care, diagnosis and treatment.

When you encounter a Fire Department medical exam questionaire in the future, please read it carefully and answer it with complete honesty and accuracy. Take your time and do it right. If you have questions, ask the medical staff. Remember that there is no wiggle room when it comes to honestly answering the questions. While there may be ways to appeal or clarify a medical report, exam or finding - there is no way to recant a falsehood.

Stay Safe and Be Well,


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