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I remember hearing a few years back about the Riverside Truck Academy. I dont know if it was Riverside City or County.....but does anybody have any information on it??????

Here you go:
Good Luck!

Thanks FIREMEDIC u work in RivCo?????

No. I don't work there, but I am familiar with the department, and know a lot of folks that work up that way! Great place to work, great training. I've heard nothing but good things about that truck academy.
Good Luck!

Excellent 80 hours of your time!!!!!!
The class is 90% hands on. It is the only CSFM certified Truck Operations program. It is very competitive to get a spot. Some people wait 1-3 years on the waiting list. It used to be held 3 times per years but such demand increased it to 4 per year(Jan., March,May,Nov.)Any questions contact me or