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Where to obtain an EMT-B certificate?

What is an EMT-B Certificate? Can I obtain it from a community college by taking a class called EMMED101A from PCC? Is EMT-B required to become an EMT? Lastly will becoming an EMT to paramedic increase my chances of getting hired as a Firefighter and worth the effort and time?

You should probably try searching in the forums for EMT info. There is a ton of valuable info in the archives. The search button is in the upper right hand corner of this screen.

Briefly, EMT-B means EMT Basic which is what people generally mean when they say "EMT." An EMT-P is an EMT-Paramedic -- Commonly known as just (you guessed it) "Paramedic." Paramedics get a license from the state, whereas EMT's just get a county certification. There is also an EMT-I (Intermediate), but I won't confuse you with that.

Most folks do their EMT class through a community college. You can also do it through a private company which is the same info, usually presented in a shorter time period and usually for a little bit more money. Once you finish the class, you have to take a county exam that will get you the coveted EMT Certification. All of that will be explained in your class.

I don't know what PCC is, but I would suggest talking to a counselor or someone from the college's fire science department to clarify.

If you have other questions, feel free to PM me.


The terminology EMT-Basic is not used in California regulations - Title 22 regulations use EMT-1. They are essentially the same thing. You could take your EMT-1 card and work in some other states. By taking and successfully completing a course like EM MED 101A at PCC (where I teach)you obtain a course completion certificate which allows you to take the State/County test for EMT-1. Many community colleges, ROP programs, and private programs offer an EMT course.

By becoming a Paramedic, your chances of getting hired as a firefighter do increase significantly. Instead of the standard 1000-2000 people showing up for a Firefighter test, you might get 300-500 showing up for a Firefighter/Paramedic test.

Realize, not only will you be tested on your Firefighter material during probation, but on your Paramedic material skills as well. It is truly having two careers at the same time! Unless, you get hired as a Firefighter and then after probation take an exam to promote within the department to Firefighter/Paramedic.

As has been recommended many times here in this forum, please do not become a Paramedic just to become a Firefighter. Make sure you enjoy being a Paramedic and if you do then go for it!!!

Do not neglect Fire Science, Basic Fire Academy and even as A.S degree too.

Maybe check out local Fire Academies as many have an EMT-1 class in the curriculum. You might be able to hammer out two things at once.

Good Luck!!!!!!!!