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I have taken numerous department exams but for some reason I never score
as high as I thought I did or felt I did. I have a couple of study books
and have tried numerous things but for some reason I am not scoring high
enough for the lists. I really want to become a fire fighter. Is there
anything I can do in order to score higher?

Tom Panzica

Tom, I don't know where you are having problems, or on what tests, but I think a thing you might want to do is enroll at a local community college and take a college algebra class as well a 100 level physics class. Both of these should help. I find myself while studying remembering those classes and applying that information. As for reading comprehension and oral comprehension...practice practice practice. As for the CWH and the video tests, I would suggest Captain Lepore's book. His book really helped me with the video test. The CWH test I have only taken once, and came very close to passing at one department, but another accepted that score and I was offered an interview, so I guess passing is different for different departments.
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