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Swiftwater courses in SoCal?

Does anyone know where I could get some swiftwater rescue training in Southern or Central California? I'm not opposed to the idea of heading to Northern California for a weekend, but would like to avoid the associated expenses if possible.

You can always try these well-respected folks:


...though headquarted in the California community of Elk Grove, they host classes across the globe.

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Thank you Brian.

For anyone else who was interested in the same thing: The southernmost course offered in California by Rescue 3 during the next couple of months is Nov 19-21 in Knights Ferry, which is near Modesto. They actually have many courses during the same timeframe, and the others are mildly further north.


Riverside seems to have classes every week...

River & Flood Rescue Technician
River & Flood Rescue Operations

While I have never heard of Riverside's course, the good news is that their program appears to rely upon the same course material as the globally renowned Rescue 3. That material of course, is from widely respected rescuer and author Slim Ray:

I'd be interested in hearing from rescuers who have experienced training from both entities.

Please no e-mail. Public replies only. Thank you!

That's great! Thank you Spkaldor.