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Wanting to Start Volunteering

Hi. I am a new member to the site and are very greatful for the information i have gained thus far. I am 19 years old, working as an EMT, almost done with my A.S. in Fire, and would like to become a volunteer firefighter. My question is, how do i approch the situation? Should i simply go into different stations and tell the Chief that i would like to Volunteer? Thank you for any infomation.

Where are you?

I'd recommend finding out what deparments in your area have volunteer, reserve, or auxillary programs. Then find out how each of those work at those departments. Choose the ones that are most appropriate for you, and then learn about the department through their web site, asking around, or locate a couple firefighters. Then contact the chief (or whatever the firefighters recommend).

You will find that departments vary significantly in the number of calls they run (50/year or 500/year?), the types of calls (lots of autos, lots of medical, wildland, etc.), equipment, relationships (are the reputable, do they work with with surrounding agencies), training, etc.

You will also find that departments treat their "non-full time people" very differently. Some are 100% volunteer, you respond to every call you can, and you are just like everyone else. Some are set up so that you train with everyone else, but only respond on major incidents (<=3 alarms, etc.), which has a big impact on the amount of hands-on you will get. Some are set up so that there are 'sleeper' programs or assigned shifts. Some have you respond only when your closest station is paged out. Etc, etc.

i am located in Chino, Ca. Relatively close to Riverside, Ontario, Anahiem, Ect. I appreciate your input.

I only just NOW saw this post! Sorry

You can volunteer in Riverside County as a 4th person on an
engine in many stations. Since you're close to Riverside, this
would be your best bet. I am currently a volunteer there, and
the experience has been INCREDIBLE!

I would start at: and click "Volunteer


i looked at the website and saw the application. So should i fill it out and walk it into a local station? or should i send it in to the adress given?

I'd do both if I were you. That way you have both bases
covered and some of the paid/volunteers can see you and
meet you.

Hope this helps and sorry for the delay...


La Habra Heights Fire Dept. has a test on Dec. 11th for the next Volunteer Firefighter Recruit Academy. I'm currently a cadet there and I can tell you, it's an awesome program to get experience and recieve instruction from firefighters and officers from many Southern California Fire Departments that come back to volunteer their time to teach the academy. Contact Liza Gomez for info (562)694-8283
Mike in LB