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My Lats

I want to have the meanest looking lats of any ff this side of the ol miss. However I eat to much FC (fried chicken) and spend to much time boozing, playing games of chance and chasing the ladies. Cant I buy some sort of sweet machine off TV to get huge! I want to crush heads of emts in my biceps!

ff/pm johnsce
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Uhhhh.... I think you need to seek help.
Good Luck!

I cant help but get a good laugh everytime I read this thread.

Thanks much
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Dude? It's Arnold Spicoli!! You are doing everything right to get huge bro, but maybe you could add a few deep fried twinkies and maybe chase them with bottle or two of Mad Dog 20/20. Keep it up, remember ...

"nothing counts 'till you pass out in your own puke, nothing!"

Good luck!!
"Attitude is everything!"