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Calisthenics vs weight training

I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about calisthenics vs weight training when trying to get ready for a PAT?

i use to be a big weight trainer but received alot of injurys and with calisthenics ive been doing them now for about a year with no weight lifting and have gained about 10 pds. of muscle check out theres tons of great info

This is an old thread. BUT: I vote for super setting/doing intervals... calisthenics and weight training.

For example: Smith Machine squat: one set of 12 reps (with your body weight in plates including the bar... ie I weight 135... bar is 45... put a 45 on each side... that equals 135), then 1 minute of jump rope. repeat 6 times. No rest. Increase the weight 10 pounds each squat set. Keep your head above your heart at all times.

Or: Lat pulls (in front!) start with 70% of your body weight and 12 reps. Super set it (no rest) with weighted walking lunges with a 20 in each hand. Increase the weight on your lat pulls by 10 pounds each set until you fail at 6 reps. How many sets will that take??? Keep your head above your heart... your heart rate will get very high!!!

Have fun!

Asante to you!
Dr. Jen Milus, DC
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DrJen......nice to have an expert on these areas!!! Makes it a ot easier to take info to heart!!!! Thanks!
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