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Background Investigation

I have been interviewing with different departments over the past couple of months. I have been getting positive feedback from the different panels. The one area of great concern is when the time comes to run my background check, everything will be spotless with the exception of my challenged credit history. I've taken drastic measures to correct this matter, however my credit score is poor. How much is weighed on this portion of the investigation? If it shows that I've tried to turn my negative in to a positive will this help my situation? Any feedback is appreciated.


It depends on how recent the problems were and the nature of the problems - is there a pattern? Credit reports are a indication of your reliablity and judgement. It will be an issue, but not insurmountable.

You will be questioned by your background investigator if he/she feels that anything in your background is cause for alarm. If you can demonstrate that you are working to improve upon your situation, you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

Remember, be honest and up front about everything. Most people fail out of backgrounds because they tried to cover something up, not because of an actual indiscretion.

A credit report is looked at very closely by background investigators. They are not necessarily looking at your credit score, but looking at what is on your credit report.

A lot of people are in debt, car payments, student loans, etc. This will drop your credit score fairly quickly, It does not mean you have poor credit, but just means you owe a lot in trying to increase your education.

However, if you are in debt up to your eyeballs, cause you can't say no to stereo systems, that is another story.

Bankruptcies, late payments, defaulted loans, etc. are looked at much more closely and questioned.

Your credit report is a reflection on you, the choices you have made in your life, how you manage money, responsibility.

If you cannot manage yourself, why should a City invest tens of thousands of dollars into you and give you expensive City property to use?

They also want to make sure you don't owe more than you will be making with that particular city. Someone who cannot pay their bills and do not make enough money are susceptible to theft and bribery. (I am not saying FFs do this, this is just a City way of thinking).

Keeping working on your credit, try to get lay payments removed, try to consolidate and repay your debt. Like I said, you do not have to be debt free, juse be responsible.....


Im not 100% sure about this but from what Ive heard the backround investigator doesnt look at your credit "score" so much as they look at the recent patterns of payment....just what ive heard...