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Looking for fire classes......Fire Control I,II,III....Wildland Interface, RIC team, Low Angle Rescue, Wildland FF Safety etc etc etc...would prefer classes in greater LA area, but willing to travel also!!!! Thanks

I've got two good resources for you on my website
under Training Opportunities. Go to - both
should be of benefit to you.

Hope that helps!

Steve Prziborowski, Captain

The Fire Control classes are available at some community colleges, and are a standard part of your firefighter 1 academy, as is your S-130/190 and sometimes S-131. The S-215 interface is usually more of an on-the-job course... I don't know anywhere you can get it pre-service. I got it on-the-job with the USFS and then with my current department... so yeah, look around, see what you can find.
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Firehouse world, is having it's annual exposition in San Diego January/Feb time frame, and is offering a lot of those classes. Riverside county fire/ Clark Davis Training Center is another great resource.Check it out online.
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Tim Edgmon

Thanks for the response....always helpful
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