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Vancouver, B.C.

I live in Ontario but want to move to B.C. Can anyone tell me what is required to become a firefighter in Vancouver? or where i can take the courses there to become one?

Vancouver has many departments (Municipalities).
Basically, you'll need the following for 90% of them:

Class 3 with air brakes
Occupational First Aid Level 3
Firefighter 1 & 2 NFPA equivalent
30 credits post secondary
1 year work experience
volunteer experience
physically fit

There are many different places/academies to get your FF1 & 2. You can get them in Ontario before you come, or if you plan on attending an academy here, the most popular is the Justice Institute

The road to becoming a firefighter is a long & tough one.

Good luck & hope this helps.

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Maybe a silly question, but do I need to be a Canadian citizen to apply for firefighter positions in Canada?
Thanks for any information!!!

You need the legal right to work in Canada - either be a citizen or have a green card or something similar.