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New career Route

I am 25 years old with a B.A. in Business Management. I just recently got married and I hate my job. I've been in the banking field for the last 3 years (since I've been out of college). My whole life I've been involved in sports or in other terms have had that athletic comrodery (I miss that imensley). I did have a stint in semi-pro sports(football) but blew my knee out. I guess what I'm trying to say I was satisfied with myself at the end of the day and could sleep easy at night. I make great money and am still not happy. For the past couple months I've took an interest in the firefighting field because of my uncle who is a firefighter in Lombard Il. I love the whole lifestyle and the self gratification he gets out of helping people and the family he has at work. "I want that" I would love to become a FIREFIGHTER and am determined. How do I go about it with no certificates, and as quickly as possible. I hear you have to study for these interviews and test how do I go about it? Tahnk you for anybody who cares about me and my situation, it is greatly appreciated. Very eager and looking for direction.
Eager Firefighter, Dominic

Please send me an e mail and I will give you some pointers and direction. Anything I would post here could be easily taken out of context.

Hello Dominic,
A trip to your local Borders bookstore or Barnes and Nobles can you help study for upcoming exams. In the test preparation area you will find many different books that will help prepare you for the written test to become a Firefighter.Remember you have to score high enough on the written to even continue along the hiring process.
You do have a bachelors degree and that is wonderful! You made a commitment to achieve a goal in 4-5 years, and shows you are able to set a goal and accomplish it!
While some departments do not require to have any certificates( this is few in my opinon versue those that do), many departments do require a Firefighter 1 or an EMT-Basic. It would be in your best interest to acquire these and you can usually do that through a community college. This website has a list of colleges and academies you can attend.
You also have an uncle who is in the fire service and that is a great asset in learning about the fire service and the job of a Firefighter.
Good Luck to you Dominic I hope any of this helps. Have a nice day
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I couldnt help but stumble upon this post. I too am like you Dominic. I am 24 years old, manager a coffee shop with a wife, one child and another on the way. While I dont have a B.A. I do have an Associates Degree in Science and Arts. I too have been interested in pursuing a career in firefighting because of many of the reasons you have mentioned. If any of you gentlemen here wouldnt mind I would also appreciate any tips or words of advice on how to go down the path to do what I have been dreaming of as of late.
And Dominic, being one who at this moment and time shares your dream and passion I wish you the best in your pursuit.